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The future of CBD hardware and the cannabis space changes rapidly. Transpring knows the situation well and reacts to the market quickly and constantly updates the latest vape tech to meet the needs of customers and the cannabis market.


Reacting to the market demand quickly


“Transpring team is incredibly responsive. The products have always had great quality and great consistency. “ As Jeremy put it in an interview, one of the founders of Open Vape. There' s just a great level of trust we've developed over the last seven years.   

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Transpring's products passed the FDA's most rigorous testing and help you trust that you're purchasing quality products. Only when you're buying from a reputable and reliable source, you will know and trust their products.


Excellent manufacturing facilities


Transpring is a hardware solution provider with more than seven years' experience in the cannabis industry. Working with the world's top oil companies, this facility has qualified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certificated, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485, etc. Transpring owns our own dust-free workshop and setting the strictest hygienic and safety standard and complying with the precise testing procedure. These qualifications strongly prove that Transpring is capable of offering products that meet the relevant standards and customers' requirements.   

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Be transparent


The cannabis market is developing from a less transparent field to a more transparent field. That means being honest and transparent about what customers can expect from your company. The cannabis industry has changed from an emerging industry to one of the most concerned industries. Consumers know the situation very well and they' re looking for the highest quality vape hardware and extracted oil. With the industry developing, the whole industry will become more transparent.


To all the clients, Transpring share market information and let customers get involved in the whole project process. But those who are given all of the information they need to make an informed decision will be appreciative of that fact—and will know that they can trust your team.   

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Know exactly what our customers need


Plus, we collect feedback from customers and understand the needs and desires and provide customers exactly what they need. Each new design is upgraded and advanced with improved functions or outstanding features.


Besides, Transpring is committed to offering effective solutions to solving current and potential problems within the cannabis industry.   

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