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With the vaporizer business expanding, a number of companies invested in the vape industry. It increases the difficulty in sourcing top quality vape products. The quality of the end product is tied to vape pen cartridge, vape pen battery, and even product packaging. As a result, oil extractors, retailers, CBD companies tend to look for one-stop vape hardware solution providers who can help with branding shaping and product selection.

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The risks of buying bad cartridges


You may get a better price from some third-party supplier who is lack of professional knowledge on a platform like Alibaba, or DHGATE, but in turn, it will come at the expense of service. Searching suppliers online is not the only way to get access to a reliable manufacturer. You need to do more research and get to know more about your supplier. The risk of souring suppliers from these platforms also includes counterfeits products. If the product you purchased has a serious quality issue, that means you need to get your products off the shelf. To avoid the above issues, it's critical to find a professional manufacturer who has rich experience in the industry and can provide effective solutions to potential problems.

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Why is it important to work in partnership with professionals?


Since the vaporizer market changes very quickly, it's crucial to work with professional manufacturers with rich knowledge and experience. Finding a professional supplier will help you solve existed problems and foresee potential issues effectively.

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Transpring is a professional vape hardware manufacturer and committed to offering effective solutions to solving current and potential problems within the cannabis industry.


What to expect from Transpring?

·  Know customers' needs well

·  Knowledge of local market requirements

·  Design the right cartridge for your unique and specific oil

·  Easy and early access to the newest vape tech and products

·  Stable and optimized supply chain

·  Effective solutions and continued vape technologies

·  Various packaging design solutions

·  Excellent manufacturing capability

·  Dust-free workshop with strictest safety standard

·  Highest-standard production facilities (ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP certificates)

·  Professional mockups of customized products within 3 business day

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At Transpring, we’re committed to offering effective solutions to solving current and potential problems within the cannabis industry. Our innovative vaporizing technology solutions are designed to deliver more reliable, efficient, performance-driven hardware devices for customers meanwhile enable you to reduce costs by saving on the BOM. We collect feedback from customers and understand the needs and desires and provide customers exactly what they need. Each new design is upgraded and advanced with improved functions or outstanding features. We offer three solutions for oil extractors or oil brands to distinguish counterfeits.

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