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With its popularity, investment in the cannabis industry grows fast in recent years. The potential of cannabis products is affected by the legalization & regulation efforts and the degree of consumer acceptance.

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Transparency in the cannabis industry is increasing


“It' s gone from kind of a nascent industry to obviously one of the most talked-about industries, but the consumers have gone from uninformed to more informed that I think they're gonna be very informed consumers going forward.” Says Jeremy Heidl, one of the founders of open vape, which is one of the largest cannabis consumer brands in the world. “Consumers are looking for the highest quality both hardware and the oil that goes inside and complete transparency, and so when you buy something that you're consuming obviously in the US there's you know to move towards environmentally friendly things and towards organic vegetables and this and you just haven' t seen that in cannabis yet, but full transparency in your supply chain and your inputs, your oils are coming. “ He added.

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The cartridge, the oils, and even the whole industry will be more transparent than ever. Vape hardware manufacturers like Transpring posted heavy metal testing reports to the public, which gave great confidence to the partners. It's also an important step towards increasing transparency.

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CBD cartridges are different from nicotine juice cartridges. CBD consumers tend to look for high-quality and great consistency vape hardware that is designed for use with thicker extracted oils. This trend has brought more market popularity for glass, metal cartridges.


Paying serious attention to regulations


There is an immense opportunity in the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is full of challenges. To take the challenges, companies have to make sure the products comply with government regulations. The whole industry is developing in a healthier and safer way.


FDA regulates the manufacture, import, packaging, labeling, advertising, promotion, sale, and distribution of ENDS, including components and parts of ENDS but excluding accessories.  


The so-called Phase 3 rules take effect Dec. 31. The government requires all harvested cannabis products to be tested for heavy metals and mycotoxins, or toxins created by mold. The regulations are California’s effort to set tougher testing standards for growers and manufacturers.


Cannabis insiders need to pay serious attention to industry regulations, working with consultants and skilled service providers can help you move forward more efficiently, compliantly and successfully.

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Acceptance of cannabis products is growing


Acceptance of cannabis products for use in medical, industrial, and consumer goods has grown rapidly. But cannabis is still misunderstood. There is so much work to do to make more consumers accept it.


We believe in medical cannabis and its benefits and potential for wellness. We develop products that not only work well, but they also have a larger purpose. We believe the combination of cannabis and good science can benefit humanity. Many related industry institutes in the USA and Europe have predicted its promising market potential and huge profits in future decades. Collaborating with regular and new customers, we will take the responsibility to lead the vaping industry forward.


The past years have witnessed CBD vaping industry leaders mastered vape tech and made great innovation of electronic atomization technology.

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Since its establishment, Transpring is dedicated to continuous innovation for the vape industry. Rich product development and manufacture experiences allow us to provide quick responses to customers' requirements and meet or exceed customers' expectations.

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