If you’re purchasing from the black market, there are no real way to know what you’re getting. Toxic vape cartridges are coming from unsafe black market and are exceeding CA standards for heavy metal testing. Of course, we all know dangerous products typically enter through the illicit market. 

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In fact, tainted oil vape cartridges are still flooded on the black market which containing dangerous heavy metals and lead. Heavy metals in vape cartridge, including lead, arsenic, and mercury are obviously a growing concern for consumers. But the situation is changing now. 

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At the end of 2018, there are no international or national regulations about contaminants within the vaporizer industry, device manufacturers are left without clear guidelines. But we’re still striving for establishing quality evaluation system at that time. 

Since CA released the CA stabdards for heavy metal testing. Transpring started to test Transpring products at known Labs such as Belcosta Labs at the very first time and all the products passed CA HEAVY METALS TESTING. However, some branded cartridges launched fail to pass CA HEAVY METALS TESTING often because the raw material origin, the manufacturing process or the heavy metals in contact with the oil. 

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But for our customers, you are able to purchase Transpring products in confidence. The products from Transpring won trust from world top oil manufacturers and oil brands. We've been offering safe and healthy products to help partners and customers feel confident in their purchases. 

Transpring places the highest priority on product safety and quality and our products passed all related certifications to let our customers buy confidently. 

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Transpring cartridges utilize medical-grade stainless steel, ceramic mouthpieces, and Hcore ceramic heating core. By eliminating or minimizing heavy metals and the use of plastics, fibers or paints in the vapor path throughout the entire raw material and manufacturing process, Transpring takes your health seriously. 

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In an effort at full transparency, we even released the test results to related industry media and get them published on social media platforms. See our test reports and you will have peace of mind to know that Transpring has always been proactively committed to providing the most healthy, securest cartridges. We even proactively had all our cartridges heavy metal tested by well-known labs like Belcosta Labs. 

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The testings were done at Belcosta Labs ( Long Beach, California). We randomly select some sample Transpring products on each batch and get the testing performed at Belcosta Labs. 

The Phase 3 test is assumed as the standard by the whole industry in California for heavy metals per the California of Cannabis Control. 

The test’s fail conditions for each of the metals are:

Arsenic: 0.2 μg/g

Cadmium: 0.2 μg/g

Lead: 0.5 μg/g

Mercury: 0.1 μg/g

The tested Transpring products included:

A3C THC and CBD cartridges

A10 THC and CBD cartridges

A11 THC and CBD cartridges

P10 THC and CBD cartridges

P10G THC and CBD cartridges

DP6 disposable vape pens 

DP10 disposable vape pens 

DP19 disposable vape pens 


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As is shown in the test reports above, all Transpring products passed CA HEAVY METALS TESTING.

In order for consumers to stay safe and know you're buyinng authentic and verified Transpring products, please only buy from licensed oil producers or retailers. Transpring only partnerships with licensed oil producers or brands. Verified Transpring products are all listed on our partners' official websites. 

If you have any questions regarding the Heavy Metals Test or instructions, please contact us during business hours via email 

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