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The recent ongoing vaping crisis raises an issue that attracts a lot of attention of vape hardware manufacturers and makes them think about: how to effectively distinguish their products from counterfeit knockoffs to response to this vaping crisis.


Security Labels on Packaging


Security labels on the packaging are the measures taken by some manufacturers to differentiate their products from counterfeit knockoffs suspected to claim more than 800 illnesses and 12 deaths in recent vaping crises in the United States. These product authentication labels can give the manufacturers the ability to track, authenticate, and put brand recognition beyond the products by using the means of 3D images, e-verification, label-tracking, and data-capturing.

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There are other anti-counterfeiting solutions available to vape hardware manufacturers, which can provide them with a graphically secure mark that consumers can scan for accurate information about the product’s life cycle with an app on their phones. The seed-to-sale RFID tags cannabis companies are required to use are so expensive. This method is affordable and easy to implement. Therefore cannabis companies are confident about their wide usage in the future.

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Built-in Chips


A new authenticity verification solution, the built-in chips can instantly identify connecting cartridge from counterfeit knockoffs with interacting between cartridge and battery to verify product authenticity. These chips are harder to imitate because there are security features built into them. Consumers can get exactly what they think they’re consuming.

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Even though news of illnesses and deaths could cause people to stop using vaporizers, eliminating vaporizers is not the answer, because, other than injectibles, vaping is the fastest way to get a drug into the body currently. With the above-mentioned authenticity verification solutions, this vaping crisis may have a positive impact on the industry as consumers are driven to legal channels that sell authenticated products.


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