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To find a partner whose carts match the oils you’re extracting, there are a few ground rules everyone should know. When you source for vape hardware manufacturer, you need to take below aspects into consideration. 

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Find a reliable cartridge manufacturer


As the vaporizer market continues to expand, a growing number of manufacturers and companies entering in this industry makes it harder for you to choose from. Besides Google search, there are also many other options for you to find the right partner. In recent years, many reputable vape hardware manufacturers started to advertise in relative cannabis industry publications.


Trade shows are also another effective way for you to connecting with reputable suppliers. Visiting a trade fair can increase your chances of getting that one particular manufacturer for your product. For the cannabis industry, there are a number of professional trade shows worth attending, CWCB, MjBiz, NCIA, CannaCon, Indo Expo, CannaGrow Expo, etc.

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Strict quality requirements that meet international standards


In order to ensure that our company and products are of the highest quality, Transpring strictly adheres to the following certifications: IS09001, ISO13485:2016, CE, RoHS, FDA, REACH, MSDS, etc. Our workshops have been equipped with GMP and ISO management.


CE certification implies the vape device meets stringent measures for producing low wattage electronic devices.


RoHS certified vape pens do not contain hazardous substances that may do harm to one’s health.


Quality criteria may vary for different locations. For the North America market, it may require the device to meet UL standards.


Moreover, companies that are legally authorized to operate in China to produce vape hardware adhere to current good manufacturing (cGMP), as stipulated by FDA.  


GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, it ensures that there are systems in place that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.

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Vape cartridge manufacturer with strong R&D capabilities


After all these years being the world's factory, China is no longer a country that can only manufacture jeans or plastic jars from labor-intensive industries, but also it has expanded its scope to high-tech industries such as aerospace engineering, automation, electronics, and computer engineering.


There emerges a number of vape hardware manufacturer which has strong R&D capabilities one after one. Make sure that you’re dealing with professionals and the ones that can help you get a good idea of vape device.

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Especially for the e-cigarette industry, it requires longer research and development cycle, it’s very important for you to find a qualified and reliable partner.  


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