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There are too many choices for consumers. Which is the best vape to buy, it's a question. No matter how the appearance looks, it's really what's inside that matters.


Let's take a look at how the vaporizers work: within a vaporizer, THC or CBD oil is heated to a temperature that is just below its combustion point of 392°F. An ideal level of heating allows the desirable compounds in cannabis to be inhaled and released as a vapor. Temperature control is the key to obtain the effects of THC or CBD oil. Furthermore, different oil type has different boiling points and temperature will affect the overall experience felt by different oils.


Maintaining a consistent temperature and the optimal temperature for a specific oil is critical to the vaping experience. The ideal hardware has great temperature control for the specific oil type. The right hardware for the specific oil type makes it possible to have exact control over temperature. Plus, it's essential that consumers have to take temperature into consideration.  


Transpring is your trusted partner for vape cartridges and vaporizing pens. We're the company that provides you diverse vape technology and CBD hardware solutions and premium products based on your needs exactly. At Transpring, we're here to customize the ideal hardware for all of our partners.


Transpring aims to create various hardware solutions and high-performance products through new innovations, repeated testing, and industry expertise. Having rich experience and industry expertise allows us to tailor the vaporizer hardware to the specific THC or CBD oil.


Knowing what temperature should you set your vape and the boiling points of terpenes and cannabinoids may help you find your own favorite temperature and ideal vaping experience.

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What temperature should I set my vaporizer to?


In general, common vaping temperatures range from 200°C- 250°C / 392°F - 480°F, with the temperature usually set in increments of 5°C or 10°F. Since the vaporizer is supported by a vape battery and you have control over the temperature of your ceramic heating elements. Usually, a vape battery is designed with a three-level voltage setting or as a draw-activated battery. Thus, it's easy to obtain a custom vaping experience.


Knowing the boiling points of different terpenes and cannabinoids


At first, you need to know what kind of taste and what kind of experience you're looking for. Then you can preset or set an appropriate temperature to activate the chemical compounds in cannabis and get the desired result. Here are the boiling points for some common compounds. So, you can have a general idea of what each one can offers.

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Boiling points of different terpenes:

Linalool: 388°F

β-Caryophyllene: 320°F

β-Myrcene: 334°F

A-Pinene: 311°F

Citronellol: 437°F

Limonene: 349°F

Terpinolene: 365°F

Humulene: 388°F

Phytol: 399°F

Caryophyllene oxide: 495°F

Boiling points of different cannabinoids:

CBG: 126°F

CBC: 220°F

THCa: 220°F

CBDa: 248°F

THC: 315°F

CBD: 356°F

CBN: 365°F

THCv: 428°F


Our sales team are often asked these two questions: “Will the temperature of the cartridge be too high, which will burn the oil and produce harmful substances?” and “Will there be burnt taste caused by the high temperature of a cartridge?”


As a matter of fact, the temperature of the vaporizer cannot be accurately measured because of multiple influencing factors such as the surrounding environment of vaping, vaping state, amount of remaining oil, type of oil, battery power, and so on. But we can assure you that Transpring products will not have the above-mentioned problems. This article will explain from two different perspectives and at the end of this article, we also provide solutions to some common questions.


Principle of Vaporizers


Simply put, the vaporization is a physical change in which the form of matter is altered but one substance is not transformed into another. The size or shape of matter may be changed, but no other chemical substances are produced. Specifically, by converting electrical energy into thermal energy, the vaporizer heats up oil to make it change into gas and then condense into droplets. Transpring vaporizer has its own heating profile ensuring no unwanted combustion occurs, therefore, you don't worry about the high temperature that will burn your oil and produce harmful substances.

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Structure of Vaporizers


Generally speaking, a vaporizer with a carefully designed structure is unlikely to produce burnt taste. First, the power of the vape battery is generally within 10W, which does not provide enough heat to burn your oil. Second, the structure of the vaporizer can provide good cooling channels that can dissipate heat effectively. In addition, the Transpring exclusive ceramic heating element has good heat dissipation performance. In summary, as long as there is enough oil in the tank, Transpring vaporizer can make sure no burnt taste to spoil your vaping experience. But it should be noted if not enough oil left in the tank that may cause a dry burn, you should re-fill the tank or reduce the battery power.

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Q1: How to detect whether a chemical reaction has occurred during the vaporizing?


A1: Observe if there be black residue on the heating element after vaping. Carry out component detection on the remaining oil. If other components besides oil components are detected, it means that a chemical reaction has occurred.


Q2: What factors will cause the burnt taste?


A2: As mentioned earlier, no enough oil left in the tank may cause a dry burn. On the other hand, insufficient oil supply to heating element also may cause a dry burn.

Here are some reasons resulting in insufficient oil supply:

 * Poor cartridge structure

 * Few aperture numbers

 * Small aperture size

 * Poor fluidity of oil


Q3: What is the purpose of voltage settings?


A3: Typically, clicking the button three times allows you to adjust the output voltage. Different voltage output has different vaping experience. Refer to the following chart to choose a suitable voltage for you. (take Transpring L1 as an example.)

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