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Vape cart manufacturers must focus on developing brands that are sutainably produced with high-quality, consistent vape cartridges that will gain trust among consumers. Consistency and compliance are key to success. Also, an appropriate exposure to the public also helps vape cart manufacturers boost business.


How Transpring use media coverage and exposure to ensure consumer confidence and bolster sales?


Positive attitude and positive actions will help build confidence. Business rally round their communities in a time of crisis. Most workers got back to work before Feb. 24 and Transpring resumed full production at the end of Feb. All related information was posted on our official website. Furthermore, we've published and exposed posts on platform like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Dabconnection.com, Growernetwork.org, etc.


Active exposure provides a convenient way for them to access this information and make our regular and potential customers know us better. 

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At Transpring, we care about all who have been affected by the COVID-19 and take the health and well-being of our customers as our number one priority. We will continue to take proactive measures under the guidance of the local government and do our own role to help stop the spread of the virus.


All the manufacturing process are performed in GMP workshop and under strict control, which helps avoid contamination.



Although coronavirus is highly unlikely to survive long on product surface, we still carry out ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and wiping disinfection with 95% medical alcohol on all products before being released to customers.


Transpring's actions make it possible to have access to preventative hygiene during the break of COVID-19 health crisis. We've taken many effective measures to react to the situation: production restored, prevention and control measures, quality guaranteed, etc.

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Furthermore, positive media coverage and exposure proves beneficial. During the past few months, we never stop to post information and company news on all the platforms. All orders are processing as planned and all of our work are done as scheduled. Customer receiving positive messages will also boost business because it helps customers know what’s happening over there.


Our business partners mainly include license holders for distribution operations, oil producers, licensed producers, oil brands, etc.


The benefits of resuming full production and taking active and effective response measure includes:

▪ Boost business

▪ Maintaining and creating new job opportunities

▪ Fostering a safe and well-regulated market environment 

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The cannabis industry was experiencing a major shift in merger and acquisition activity due to COVID-19. But there is a growing demand in vape cartridges and its peripheral products. It's a great signal to this space. We're expecting the market recovery, but we're pretty sure that the industry is getting better and better soon.


Transpring has been in this space of vape cartridge for over 10 years, cooperating with top oil brands and licensed oil producers on OEM & OEM projects. We're committed to serve customers with high quality CBD hardware and professional services.


Find more information about us, please consult our sales team via sales@transpring.com.

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