From: Transpring

Main-stream media outlets have reported on the vape-related illness across the country recently, which was believed to associate with vaping products.


CDC (The US Center for Disease Control), FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and other health departments have been investigating EVALI (e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury) cases.


Transpring has been committing to public safety and education and feels it' s our responsibility to advocate governments to roll out related laws to regulate the industry. Consumers need to know what' s inside the hardware or oils and the whole industry calls for regulations urgently.


Since the vaping industry is growing at an extremely fast speed, as a result, many areas have been underregulated. In this situation, some people are seeking profits by taking advantage of an underregulated market with cheap-made products. Low-quality vape products can lead to health problems due to dangerous substances and product sources.


How to avoid dangerous substances? 

1. Avoid illicit and fake vape cartridges or extracted oils.

2. Buy vapes products from regulated, tested dispensaries. Choose reliable sources and tested products. 

2. Check the additive of the products and avoid the wrong additive or contaminant. 

3. When sourcing or purchasing vape cartridges, only buy from compliant manufacturers that have complete quality management systems and certifications like GMP, ISO13485. 

4. It' s critical for you to know what ingredients are in the products. Do purchase products that are lab tested and got qualified lab results.


Transpring, founded in 2004, one of the leading vaporizing pen manufacturers, remains committing to maintaining the highest quality standards for consumer safety and transparency. Quality is always our top priority. We always put customer and customer benefits in the first place.


Our strictest quality management system and on-site quality control, along with the most stringent California's lab testing ensure that our vape hardware is heavy metals free and additive-free.  


Transpring vaping products do not contain Vitamin E acetate or any other Vitamin E derivative. We take premium material selection as the original intention of the design. The materials adopted must be healthy and environmentally friendly. From the dust-free workshop, manufacturing tools, manufacturing process, package design, staff training, each detail of the production procedure is managed strictly to prevent cross-contamination and ensure high-quality finished products.


We' re not only concerned about the vaping crisis itself, but we' re also caring for public health. For that, we will keep a close eye on this issue and will share lab reports and more information to the public. We expect the whole industry to work together to create a healthier market environment.

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