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The statement describes how we make sure our cartridges are heavy metal free throughout the entire production process.


Raw Materials


Since the vaping industry is growing at an extremely fast speed, as a result, many areas are lack of regulation. Lead is a cheap construction material. Some manufacturers may add lead to low-quality and cheap-made products to seek higher profits despite known dangers.


However, Transpring only works with suppliers who can meet our high requirements. Also, we set a dynamic supplier evaluation system to screen suppliers and only work with qualified and reliable ones, so as to safeguard materials source from the beginning. This can make sure the components are heavy metals free.


The stainless steel and ceramic material have been widely used in Transpring' s product lines. The stainless steel is germ-resistant and heavy metals free. Ceramic is a hygienic material and has resistance to scratches, easy to clean, environment-friendly, heat-resistant, and it won’t get stained. The metal we use is lead-free. Our glass is pyrex glass featuring stable performance, green, and recycle, and no pollution.


Manufacturing process


Transpring' s products including vape cartridges, vape pens, vape batteries, POD systems, manufactured at dust-free workshops, are QC controlled and made from only pure and clean raw materials.


To prevent cross-contamination, we’re implementing heavy metals free production throughout the entire manufacturing process.


The working environment and production lines are regularly cleaned to make sure all the tooling and materials are contaminant free.


Before delivered to the production lines, all components undergo the strictest quality control and are manufactured free of heavy metals and other contaminants.


Batch testing and final testing is implemented during the entire manufacturing process. We strictly perform batch testing and final testing to ensure the final safety check. Firstly, we will conduct a preliminary test and send samples to labs for checking. Before mass production, we will send a batch of samples to third-party licensed laboratories to check and make sure the cartridges meet all safety and quality controls and free of defects and contamination. Transpring' s products comply with international limits set for Heavy Metals as defined in California Phase 3.

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Quality Control System


At Transpring, strict on-site management that meets GMP requirements has been implemented to ensure product safety, which has passed ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certifications. ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications provide a double management and assurance mechanism for our product quality. Well trained and qualified workers follow the standard procedures and checking protocols. All in-process quality control and testing will be well performed to ensure the high quality of the finished products.

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Avoid contamination risks by taking a few precautionary measures


Firstly, avoid cheap-made cartridges that are flooding on the market and make sure heavy metal testing is done before the products hit shelves. It' s highly recommended that you conduct your own testing on local testing facilities. Make sure you know what' s inside the cartridges and know where the products come from. Plus, choose vape products with good craftsmanship.


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