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I think that if anyone deserves a special thank you this Mother's Day, it should be the person that is making sure the family is taken care of.


This year, let us help you celebrate Mom with a special Mother's Day Giveaway! She does so much all year long, and now is the time to treat her extra special with a chance at winning the latest Transpring vape battery package. Also, all experienced women oil pen users can ask samples from us. 

“My mom likes using vape pens because they're discreet and she' s able to utilize them around friends who are disapproving of her cannabis use," Luna Stower, who works for the cannabis oil maker Jetty Extracts, said. “Also, using a vape pen is easier to dose than typical flower options. And for older women who may have mobility issues or arthritis, rolling a joint or packing a bowl is not as easy as inhaling from an electronic vaporizer.”

For users with a similar purpose, we advise you to look for devices like Transpring which develops vape pens containing microprocessors that can control the heat settings and prevent the heat from spiking up into the combustion range.

Come and get your mother's day gift, only the first 25 lucky guys! 

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Follow us on social media platforms and share one of your stories with your mon or your best memory with your mom. Win Transpring latest product for your mom!

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Get your gift, test it out and share a short video or a short article showing your using experience with us.

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