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The cannabis vaping hardware industry has been developing for a long time. It's also a fast-changing industry. Vape pens come with heating elements that are typically made of stainless, nickel-chromium, or pure nickel wire. The heating element is a key component of an oil vape pen.


The mainstream ceramic atomization technology are structural ceramics, honeycomb porous ceramics, and ultrasonic atomized ceramics. Each technology has its own benefits.


Given the tightly regulated market environment, a lot of companies are exploring new vape technology to meet fast-growing market demand. Today we're going to take a dive into ceramic heating element.  


What are ceramic coils?

Coils play an important part in optimizing vaping experience. Ceramics are widely used for that they are heat-resistant, and long-lasting. Thus, ceramic coils are used to increase lifespan and prevent metal oxidation. The ceramics do not conduct electricity themselves. Thus, coils are wrapped in ceramic. Such designs protect the coil and allow the ceramic to absorb extracted oils from the coil and feed it to the coil.


The advantages of ceramic coils



Ceramics can withstand very high temperatures. The coils are wrapped in ceramic, which helps increase the lifespan of coils. 


Ceramic coils reduce the possibilities of burnt taste. 


Ceramic coils help preserve the original flavors. Since porous ceramic material means an increased surface area, which allow more extracted oils to be vaporized. 


The absence of contact between the wire and the extracted oil prevents spit-backs.

The disadvantages of ceramic coils 

The ceramic coils consume extracted oils faster than standard coils. Ceramic coils are difficult to find since the vast majority of vapes and disposables use cotton coils and only a few top of the brands use ceramic coils.


Hcore®∣The Independent-Developed Next Generation of Ceramic Heating Core by Transpring


Hcore, getting its name from “Healthy Core”, compared with the flat and uneven surface ceramic with limited capacity to hold enough oil, Hcore adopts the exclusive “Micro-vesicular” technology to offer more heating surface area and higher vaporizing efficiency for a consistent rich taste and an optimum vaping experience. The series of products with Hcore inside are compliant with California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) heavy metals testing.



One of the best ceramic coils on the market is from Transpring. Transpring, found in 2004, which is backed by years of cannabis vaping hardware experience.


Transpring started to focus on the research and development of Ceramic Heating Core Technology from 2018 and released Hcore® on 2019. It’s a new type of heating element in the electronic cigarette industry.


After more than a year of small-scale testing in the market, through many adjustments and verifications, it was finally officially listed.


The unique formulation and manufacturing process allow its great performance in oil absorbing, storing and evaporation. Transpring porous ceramic materials contain unique structures that allow the free flow of liquid.


Transpring Next-gen Heating Core Technology allows ceramic coil cartridges to produce more consistent and more flavorful vapor. It’s an effective solution to bring out the best of your precious oil.

Why Hcore Ceramic Heating Element


▪ Unique ceramic formula: diatomite

▪ Special degreasing and sintering process

▪ 1000℃ high temperature sintering

▪ Obtain FDA certificates and pass California Phase III Tests

▪ Heavy metals-free production process control

▪ ISO9001: 2015 and ISO 13485 certified

▪ More than ten million of shipment verification with quality guaranteed

▪ Next-gen heating element, preserves the original flavors

▪ Porous ceramic design maximizes vaporization & prevents residue

▪ Tailoring each producer's oil specific performance needs

▪ Balanced ratio of oil to air, ensures perfect vapor flow

▪ Non-toxic, inert and lead-free composition, for user safety


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