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Phase 2 Regulation: How Phase 2 Regulation Affect Canada' s Cannabis Industry and CBD Hardware Industry?


Canada' s Cannabis Act became law on October 17th, almost one year after Phase 1. Phase 2 legalization leads the way to the next phase including a series of new products, like edibles, cannabis vape pens. The act legalized dried cannabis for recreational use and these products are approved to be vaped or eaten.

Phase 2 regulation is going to reset the industry standard and roll out strict regulations. It changes the complexity of the cannabis industry from cultivation, extraction to distribution. Cannabis legalization Phase 2 opens more opportunities and it will benefit more and more companies.
When will vape pens be available for purchase in Canada?

Regulations governing a lot of cannabis products go into effect. As required by the Cannabis Act, new cannabis products are still not available for purchase. It is expected that a limited selection of products will appear gradually in physical or online stores in mid-December 2019. Because licensed producers are required to give Health Canada 60 days' notice. Health Canada will make sure that all new cannabis products are fully compliant with regulations and passed all related tests. Only getting Canada Health' s approval, new cannabis products including vape pens can be sold in stores. A wide range of cannabis products is expected to be available for purchase by mid-2020.


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