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Why Top Oil Manufacturers Choose Transpring Cartridges


To all our esteemed partners, Transpring is not only a reliable supplier but also a hardware solution provider. We provide a healthier and more environmental-friendly vaping experience for consumers. We' re confident that with our advanced technical background, deep understanding of products, as well as expert support from our experienced R&D teams, we' re capable to meet and even exceed the expectations of customers. 

The reasons why top oil manufacturers choose Transpring cartridges are as below. 

Ideal material choice: material selection
Regarding cartridge material selection issue, the determining factors which affect which kind of material will be used in a certain product including the shape and geometry of a product, how durable they are and how cost-effective they are.
For instance, surgical equipment often uses stainless steel to help reduce the risk of infection cause stainless steel is germ-resistant. It’s very difficult for bacteria to attach to stainless steel’s surface. In this way, stainless steel is often chosen to be a good choice for vaporizing pen.
Comparing to some natural substance like wood, ceramic proves to be a more practical material. Ceramic is a hygienic material and has resistance to scratches, easy to clean, environment-friendly, heat-resistant, and it won’t get stained. The stainless steel and ceramic material have been widely used in Transpring' s product lines.

Transpring added investment on material research and improved ceramic heating core' s performance greatly.
Transpring focuses on every detail and keeps improving the materials being tailored and optimized and keep optimizing the design to improve the performance of each product.
Transpring' s latest vape technology
Transpring A10 series cartridge utilizes ceramic mouthpiece and ceramic heating core, which is an exclusive ceramic technology.

Through extensive experimentation, we’ve developed a unique ceramic formulation. Transpring utilizes the kind of ceramic, which is more resistant to heat and more superior to the standard ceramic material.
With its practical utility, the application of ceramic is not limited to the mouthpiece, but also will be used in the whole vaporizer. Full ceramic vaporizers are starting to enter into the market.
Transpring’s full ceramic cartridge will be introduced to the market soon. This series has full ceramic body and mouthpiece, from the mouthpiece to inside and outside of the heating core, which is perfect for concentrates and oils.
Strong R&D capabilities
After all these years being the world’s factory, China is no longer a country which can only manufacture jeans or plastic jars from labor-intensive industries, but also it has expanded its scope to high-tech industries such as aerospace engineering, automation, electronics, and computer engineering.

Transpring is an enterprise driven by technology and research. To keep core competitiveness, we invest in R&D for over 15% of our annual revenue every year. Our R&D team consists of over 60 expert engineers from a different technical background and we’re qualified to handle different OEM and ODM projects and offer effective vape hardware solutions.
By cooperating with top universities and research institutes, we’ve developed fast and established our own labs. We’ ve involved ourselves into material research, advanced ceramic material, polymer material, glass raw material, precise temperature control, Bluetooth technology. Fast charging, preheating function, anti-counterfeiting technology, etc. All the findings from the research projects are applied in R&D, ODM projects and vaporization technology. Till now, we' ve obtained over 180 patents at home and abroad.
We are confident that with our advanced technical background, deep understanding of products, as well as expert support from our experienced R&D teams, we are capable to meet and even exceed the expectations of customers.
We adapt, customize and adjust our products to meet the needs of our clients.
With our understanding of the issues involved in this industry, we do everything in our power to meet and surpass our client's product desires.

At Transpring, we supply top extraction brands with premium quality cannabis vape pens. The materials we selected are top quality, green and healthy. We’ re dedicated to using our expert design, new innovation to offer customers effective vape hardware solutions.
Contact us for wholesale quotes and we can help you find the best vape hardware solutions.