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A Major Trend in Vaporizer Business — Ceramic Heating Core


The usage of new material ceramic in heating core announces the coming of a new era of the cartridge. Compared with the glass fiber heating core, this new material has great improvement and many advantages on vaping experience, becoming a major trend in the current vaporizer business.

What is the ceramic heating core?
Ceramic heating core refers to the combination of the ceramic elements, heating core, and cotton. As for the position of ceramic element and heating core, the two-in-one structure of building heating core into the ceramic element is mostly adopted at present. Of course, there are also a few heating cores wrapped outside of the ceramic element.
The ceramic core can solve the problem of the small heating area of the glass fiber core. The heat of the heating core can be evenly distributed around the ceramic element by the two-in-one structure of heating core and ceramic element. In this way, the whole heating area diffuses to the whole ceramic element, which can greatly increase the atomization area and the smoke effect.


The advantages of ceramic heating core over the glass fiber heating core

Ceramic Core: 
Pure flavor
Fast ramp-up
Large vapor volume
Puff without oil splashing

Glass Fiber Core:
Burnt taste
Taking 4-5 puffs to vape
Small vapor volume
Oil splashing at first puff


More and more cartridge manufacturers are adopting this new technology on their products. Since 2014, Transpring has invested a lot of energy and money on R&D of this new material ceramic and released a series of cartridges with the exclusive ceramic heating core.
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