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Celebration for Transpring’s Seventh Anniversary


Last weekend, the Transpring just celebrated its seventh anniversary with an interesting sports event and a delicious dinner.
The Transpring was founded in 2004, but it officially entered the electronic cigarettes industry in 2012. Transpring grasped the opportunity of the foreign booming cannabis market and started up its business in vaping, which is considered the foundation of the rapid development of Transpring. Since then, the Transpring has been devoting itself to the technology innovation and manufacturing of vape cartridges and preheating batteries.

The year 2014 is one of great significance in Transpring's development course. This year, the Transpring developed the first A3 cartridge. It is the first cartridge in the world to adopt glass as the oil tank. The usage of this new material and technological breakthrough is a symbol of the beginning of a new cartridge era. Up to now, the Transpring has sold more than 8,000,000 pieces of A3 cartridge and made itself be one of the best-selling hardware manufacturers for cannabis oil on the US market.

In 2015, the Transpring’s R&D team works with Central South University on the advanced material application for vaping devices and launched the A4 as the first cartridge to use the ceramic heating core, which offers more heating surface area for sufficient vaping, ramp up fast, big vapor, pure flavor, and no burnt taste.

Besides the starring cartridges A3 and A4, the Transpring also releases a stream of products such as A4-T (transparent PCTG), A8 (glass with full ceramic), DP3 (disposable vape pen), W1 (especially for wax), MIX battery (touch control), L0 battery (classical), L10 battery (bottom voltage regulation), C1 charger (regular), and C2 (quick charger) on the market. All of them have obtained national patent protection and are highly praised and favored by our customers.

Looking to the future, Transpring is confident that it can continue to broaden the boundaries of CBD vaporization technology and make more contributions to the development of the cannabis industry with its new series. Transpring launched the most advanced vape technologies recently. For example, the anti-counterfeit technology can quickly distinguish Transpring’s devices from counterfeits by built-in chips in the cartridges and batteries that can transmit and identify data between each other. The pre-programmed chips built inside can identify the oil type automatically and match it with the correct output voltage settings.
The Hcore series cartridges pass the heavy metal testing.


All the things that the Transpring does are providing a healthier and more environmentally-friendly vaping experience for our consumers all over the world.
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