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A3 Vape Cartridge Delivers The Most Flavorful and Optimum Vapor


The A3 vape cartridge is the first glass cartridge made to support essential oil while not jeopardizing what matters most, the end-user experience. It's the first cartridge in the world to adopt glass on an oil tank, a symbol of the beginning of a new cartridge era.

A3 cartridge is engineered to deliver the most flavorful and optimum vapor for essential oils. Made with state-of-the-art food and medical grade materials, A3 cartridge offers great performance in flavor and experience. If you’re looking for a vape device that will be able to support a high terpene oil content and not have issues with leaking, taste, or temperature, then look no further.

A3 Cartridge—Transpring is the patent-holder and the vape technology company that develops A3 vape cartridge

A3 is the world's first glass cartridge for cannabis, 8,000,000 pcs A3 was sold in 2016. We've made and are creating impeccable designs that you can be proud of. Transpring's A3 cartridge is on the list of the 10 best THC cartridges of 2017 posted by Hightimes. This article specifically examined the best cartridges and their outstanding performances.

Transpring is the original manufacturer and patent holder for the hot-selling A3. We have been making every effort to meet the needs of our clients. A3 cartridge is one of the most successful ODM projects from Transpring's R&D team. We deliver a premium quality product at a cost-effective price point.
We are good at utilizing interdepartmental and interdisciplinary expertise to hit our targets. A3 cartridge project is a perfect example of this.
The new design has two holes in the mouthpiece, preventing a restricted pull and overheating. The mouthpiece is round and the atomizer is ceramic. It’s easy to produce a large cloud of flavorful visible vapor. With A3 cartridge, smooth vapor going in and out. Great taste and smooth on the exhale.
► Screw-on mouthpiece
► Mouthpieces available in (metal, wood, plastic)
► All Pantone colors available
► Works perfectly with a variety of oil viscosities
► Metal mouthpiece stronger and more durable
► Dual-seal design for a stronger seal
► Medical grade glass chamber
► Apply to universal 510 thread battery
► Dual-coil heater, vape immediately
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