Growing from an Innovation to a Market Darling, CannaMate™ Full Ceramic Cartridge Leading the Indust

SHENZHEN, China, Sep. 9th, 2021 /Newsletter/ CannaMate™ A18, a full ceramic cartridge debuted by Transpring in 2020, has become the fastest growing model in this category of 2021. 

Based on its renowned proprietary Hcore® ceramic heating element solution and patented sophisticated Advanced Precision Temperature Control (APTC™) technology, Transpring released this trailblazing full ceramic cartridge in early 2020, which soon becomes a market darling thanks to its high quality and unique benefits.

“Featuring leak preventative properties, with a failure rate less than 0.001%, CannaMate™ A18 is exquisitely crafted with full dental grade ceramic materials, making it perfect for both high viscosity and low viscosity oils. Users are assured to get the same premium taste all the way to the end of the cartridge. Throwing in the competitive price, CannaMate™ A18 has quickly become a market darling.” Said Ms. Rita Tang, Transpring Senior Business Development Manager.  

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What makes CannaMate™ A18 so popular among cannabis connoisseurs? Let’s dive in.  

Eliminating Fear of Heavy Metal Pollution Completely. 

There are many cheap metal cartridges out there in the market failing compliance testing. Cheap metal cartridges are prone to leaching, which leads to contamination of the cannabis concentrates contained in the adjoining carts. Leaching is the process of the acidity from cannabis concentrates corroding the metal materials, which might lead harmful metal compounds, like lead and nichrome, to seep into the concentrates. 

Transpring full ceramic cartridge, CannaMate™ A18, on the other hand, is free of this fear completely. The dental grade ceramic materials unitized by CannaMate™ A18 are totally free of heavy metals and are immune to oxidation and corrosion thanks to their extremely stable chemical properties. 

Better Taste and Bigger Hit 

With the masterful advanced APTC™ technique and unique porous structure, Hcore® transfers your precious liquid into aerosol particles smaller than 2.0μm, delivering pure and intense flavor, helping you taste cleaner and more nuanced flavors that you simply won't get from other solutions. Pure dental grade ceramic cartridges are free of contaminants that likely tint the taste. 

Hcore® ceramic heating element not only makes the flavor better, but also increases the surface area of heating tremendously with the help of its unique porous structure, enabling CannaMate™ A18 producing more robust vapors than its counterparts.  

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