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Here are some tips for using Transpring oil cartridge or vape pens for the first time. It would be helpful for you.


Our vape devices are mainly classified into two types: inhale-activated and button control.


All the vape pens are designed for easy operation. Pair the cartridge to the battery and make sure it' s charged. For most vape pens, press the fire button five times to power on. It heats up in about 10 seconds or less.

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According to the voltage setting, there are two types of vape battery: variable voltage and constant voltage. If it' s constant voltage, just inhale it and enjoy your vape journey. If it' s variable voltage, the vape pen allows you to adjust the voltage, just start from the lowest setting.


If you started with the highest voltage, it may damage the coil or get burnt taste. If you want to experience a stronger hit, just set the voltage from the lowest to the highest setting step by step.


Start with 5 seconds puffs and then you can experience the effect of THC or CBD oil. Do not inhale it with non-stop for a long time. Just take another puff.


Oil filling instruction:


Transpring cartridges are designed with different inner structures. Just follow the below steps:


For cartridges like A10,

► Top filling

► Compatible with most filling machines

► Carefully inject oil along the inside wall of the tube by hand or filling the machine at a proper speed.

► Screw back the mouthpiece immediately and leave standstill for 3minutes with upside down.

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For cartridges like P10,

► Bottom filling

► Compatible with most filling machines

► Carefully fill the tank with your oil.

► Press the thread into the tank with a special jig within 2 minutes.

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For 510 cartridges, just unscrew the mouthpiece and fill the tank up.

Use a syringe for accuracy.


For vape pen kits with unique technology like anti-counterfeiting technology, automatic voltage matching technology, connection technology, etc, please contact our sales teams via for further information.

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