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To all the vape hardware wholesalers, extracted oil manufacturers, oil brands, you want to buy from a quality supplier and buy tested products from a proven source, there are a few tips for you.

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With several steps, you can target and find the quality vape cartridge manufacturer quickly. All you need to do is to confirm the authenticity and reliability of the supplier.


Choose the ones which can lead the industry trend

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As MG magazine put it, “ Extract is much thicker than normal e-liquid, especially in cold weather. Warming the oil ahead of use provides a better and purer vaping experience. The Transpring engineering team pioneered a preheating function, solving preheating problems. By preheating Battery L0 and L0-A, oil can be converted to vapor more easily and smoothly and then fully absorbed into the heating core.”


Transpring works with industry-leading oil manufacturers to ensure a great vaping experience by cooperating with them custom vape carts, vape batteries, vape pens. If you're looking for a supplier that can offer you effective vape hardware solutions, Transpring would be a great choice for you.


When talking about Transpring's oil vape pens, the first word comes to my mind is “ease of use”.


In general, there are two popular types, auto-activated and button-activated for you to choose from. Considering its functionality and ease of use, Transpring's vape pens are engineered to obtain both functionality and ease of use. During the product planning process, we've taken all these factors into consideration.


Take preheating battery, for example, the idea of a preheating function on a battery was first created by Transpring out of our clients' feedback on the warming-up issue of oil cartridges in cold weather. Transpring's L0 pre-heat battery was created to solve this issue.

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For instance, there was no vapor at the beginning, due to extreme weather. Our technology, through creating new technology, resolved this issue. Transpring perfected the preheating function that heats up the extracted oil as well as the cartridge. L0 battery is a classic button-activated 510 thread vape battery. All you need is to push a button and inhale, and then you can enjoy your vaping experience. L0 preheating battery brings pioneer preheating technology for battery and this is a good start for the whole industry.


Do the research and make sure you buy a safe product


As the cannabis market is growing, the regulation by the FDA is getting more complicated. Full transparency for the market is coming. The government is figuring out a way to handle the cannabis market. Since January 1 in California, all legal cannabis vape carts are subject to stringent new testing for heavy metals, including lead. Vape carts are a growing field of cannabis and the whole industry is keeping a close eye on heavy metal testing. The effective way for you to eliminate health risk is to make sure the devices pass heavy-metal testing.

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The limits are to ensure that the presence of heavy metals is kept to a minimum level to safeguard public health and safety. By complying with the regulatory requirements to the FDA and the government, it will not only protect consumers but also set an industry entry through compliance with government standards. It’s necessary for you to do the research and make sure that your vape carts pass California Phase 3 testing.


Transpring passed heavy metal testing in early February 2019. Transpring has been devoting ourselves to the innovation and manufacturing of vape cartridges and preheating batteries and continuously improving vaporizer technology. We' ve been working very hard on our cartridges in past years so that we can continually advance our hardware and technology to meet the demands of diverse extracts on the market today.


Make sure that you buy an authentic product

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As the market is surging, there are plenty of problems haunted by branded companies. Take counterfeit products for examples, many famous brands are busy handling counterfeit products issue.

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Puff on a fake vape pen should be of serious concern to anyone. The quality and safety can not be guaranteed and it poses a potential threat to the public' s health. Make sure you buy your vape carts from a licensed dispensary. Consumers may not even know what they are vaping. It's also necessary to educate people about the health implications of vaping black-market cartridges.


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