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CBD (short for Cannabidiol), a compound in the cannabis plant, known for its health benefits, has been growing its popularity in recent years. Vaping CBD proves to be one of the best and effective way of taking CBD. CBD vape pen provides an easy delivery system for users to get the dose of CBD in an effective way.

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Recently, the topic of heavy metals arose heatedly discussion in this industry, people are becoming more and more concerned about the safety of vape cartridges.


There are far too many options for you on the vape market. It' s critical to find a trustworthy brand. Buying CBD oil and CBD oil pen from regulated licensed dispensaries will help to avoid safety issues.


Qualified manufacturers have shown the cartridge test results that have passed the new standard for heavy metals.


To make sure you're purchasing from a reliable and reputable manufacturer, there are few tips for you.


Make sure the suppliers meet below requirements:  

 1. GMP facility/ GMP certified

 2. Strict quality control standard

 3. Stable supply chain

 4. Rich experience in handling complex projects

 5. Excellent manufacturing capability


In general, every batch of vape cartridges from qualified manufacturers is randomly tested by a professional third-party laboratory, where state of the art technology and the scientific method are utilized to ensure that they test accurately and without contamination. These tests should be conducted both on the oil inside and the cartridge itself.


For vape cartridge, it' s a device that' s going to be inhaled into your lungs, it' s crucial to make sure the products are FDA certified and heavy metal testing approved. The vape hardware which is designed, engineered and manufactured by Transpring comply with FDA medical device quality standards, and pass the highest standards of quality.


To ensure high-quality products, a qualified manufacturer should follow the highest standards of safety, and ensure consistency. From material selection, industrial design, to manufacturing techniques, it' s essential to manage every manufacturing process strictly.  


Only if you buy authentic vape cartridges from licensed and reputable sources, you can ensure safety.


Why Transpring?


Over the years, Transpring has been dedicated to the cannabis vaporization space and cooperated with professional oil manufacturers. We had rich experience in this space and known customers' needs well. That' s why we can give our customers assurance at a great deal of liability and develop a great level of trust.

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The ongoing innovations push the vape hardware business forward quickly. Transpring launched plenty of ground-breaking innovations in the vape hardware market.


Transpring’s exclusive ceramic heating core technology ensures vape pen kits with pure taste, consistent performance, and affordable prices. The Transpring A10 cartridge is one of the newest series. The vape battery we suggest to pairs with A10 can enhance the vaping experience. It provides three different temperature settings and a preheating mode that allow the user to change their experience.

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The innovative cartridge works well with different types of liquids. The unique formulation of ceramic ensures high-temperature resistance and strong self-cleaning capability. The cartridge is manufactured with medical-grade materials, which is aligned to the highest quality standard.


A10 cartridge comes with a screw-in ceramic mouthpiece, 0.5 ml or 1.0 ml capacity, ceramic heating core, which provides an excellent vaping experience.


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