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In this blog, I'm going to take a look at how Transpring establishes a world-class manufacturing standard. We'll discuss what Transpring does to implement quality control and safety management.


As with most areas in a rapidly evolving industry, some problems exposed in the vaping industry in the past months. In fact, the vaping industry has grown rapidly in recent years, as a result, many areas have been underregulated. At the same time, some people are seeking profits by taking advantage of an unregulated industry with low quality, cheap-made products.


Transpring, as a reputable and RELIABLE HARDWARE MANUFACTURER, always takes quality first and customer first as our core principle and implements the highest and strictest quality management standard to ensure safe and healthy products.

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Our core principle: safety and quality first


As one of the few companies that obtained ISO9001, ISO13485, and GMP certification, Transpring provides WORLD-CLASS SAFETY AND MANUFACTURING STANDARDS. To make sure the products are safe, clean and high quality, we made every effort in every detail. When it comes to quality, it gives our partners and consumers great confidence.


Plus, Transpring is also one of the few companies that owned core vape technology and core advantages. Thanks to years’ deep accumulation of technology and industry expertise, Transpring keeps innovating on new vape technologies and on new products. Moreover, Transpring has always adhered to high standards of implementation. You can trust a product with a history of performance and consistency like Transpring's vape pen kits.


Strictest quality standard on each manufacturing process


The manufacturing standard performs strictly in each vaporizer production process. From the beginning of the manufacturing process, from material selection, appearance, function to dimension, a full inspection was performed step by step. Also, we have held weekly and monthly quality management meetings to drive for continuous improvements.


Incoming Quality Control


Incoming quality control including processes like material receiving, holding area, sampling, inspection, approval or returning to the suppliers, etc. Before delivered to the production lines, all components undergo the strictest quality control and are manufactured free of heavy metals and other contaminants.


After get approval by the QC department, the approved material was moved to the material warehouse. For those with minor issues, we return them to the suppliers.

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Line Quality Control


Besides strict quality control on the production line process, we're also finding new ways to improve efficiency, production capacity and reduce defective rates.


To prevent cross-contamination, we’re implementing heavy metals free production throughout the entire manufacturing process. Batch testing and final testing is implemented during the entire manufacturing process. We strictly perform batch testing and final testing to ensure the final safety check.


In-process quality control


Transpring quality team consists of over 30 quality professionals with rich work experience in the electronics manufacturing industry. Workers are well trained before they enter the production or inspection process. Besides training courses, we also make every effort in standard document control to make sure all has proceeded correctly.


Final quality control (FQC)


After the production process finish, we will perform a final quality control process to make sure the products' appearance and functionalities are all approved.


Outgoing quality control (OQC)


Before the products' shipment, we will perform an outgoing quality control process to check the packaging, labeling and any possible defects.


Besides, outgoing finished products are required to do ozone disinfection before it's been shipped out to you.


The market opportunity and challenge


The overall sales volume was slowing down in the past months, while high-quality brands still keep a small growth. It means that key players will continue to grow and poor players will be phased out. Obviously, there are signs showing that vape devices will be more intelligent, the demand for vape technology will be growing, and the overall market scale will continue to expand. Thus, the industry needs more qualified industry insiders, professionals, and suppliers to enter the cannabis space.

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