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There are a lot of factors that go into personal preferences when it comes to enjoying cannabis, but there are also many factors outside of simple likes that can affect your vaping experience.

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By understanding the following five factors that can affect your vaping experience, you can empower yourself to have better experiences with cannabis.


1. Set & Setting


“Set” is the mental state a person brings to the experience, like thoughts, mood, and expectations. “Setting” is the physical and social environment. Stress, fear, or a disagreeable environment, may result in an unpleasant experience. Conversely, a relaxed, curious person in a warm, comfortable and safe place is more likely to have a pleasant experience.


Different scenes can wildly affect your experience. It’s important to consider your comfort level before vaping. By being aware of your surroundings, you can figure out what set and setting work best for you, and better prepare yourself for enjoying the best possible vaping experience.

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2. Dose


Dosage may be the most important factor when considering what will affect your vaping experience. Keep these facts in mind: most people who are new begin their journey by starting with the minimal suggested dosage on any product, then gradually increasing the dose until they achieve the desired results.

Additionally, you might find it useful to record your daily experiences in a notebook, so you can accurately narrow in on what works and feels best for you.

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3. Cannabinoid Profile


Cannabinoid profiles can be diverse and vary widely from strain to strain. It’s necessary to first know how each cannabinoid makes you feel, and this usually requires some experimenting. Once you know which ones work best for you, knowing the composition of a strain will put the power in your hands and will allow you to have the type of experience you want.

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4. Age


Age may have a surprising role to play in enjoying cannabis. A study on rats found a link between age and the effects of cannabis. Adolescent rats were reported to tolerate the effects of weed much better than their adult counterparts, who showed more signs of stress, anxiety, and suppressed the movement.

More research on age still needs to be done, but it may be wise to reevaluate how much and what kind of cannabis you’re consuming if the last time you smoked was in your teens.

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5. Tolerance


No two people are exactly alike, and the same as a person’s cannabis tolerance. The aforementioned age affects tolerance, as well as other factors, including frequency of consumption, body chemistry, and how long you’ve been smoking. It’s important to know your own personal tolerance, so you know how much or how little to consume.

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In the end, only you can certain what your tolerance is, and by doing so, you will be empowered to have the type of vaping experience you want—whether that be a relief, medical benefits, enjoyment, creativity, or whatever other effects you seek.

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