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At Transpring, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We're very fortunate to have established excellent partnerships with many of our clients. We're proud and honored to have received hundreds of positive comments and we’d like to share some of their comments with you. Here is a collection of quotes taken directly from our customers.

A Character Interview With O.penVAPE, One of the Largest Cannabis Consumer Brands


“Transpring team was incredibly responsive. Since 2012, we've always had great quality, great consistency, and Transpring as always under-promise, but over-delivered. There' s just a great level of trust we've developed over the last seven years. ” Transpring' s vape hardware allows for a more reliable and consistent vaping experience.


“I think probably the most successful product we' ve done together is O.penVAPE 2.0. It's our flagship vaporizer for the Open Vape brand. It' s a quite simple vaporizer, but sales were incredibly well. And I would say, just on units alone, It' s probably the best-selling vaporizer and just kind of the industry standard. When people refer to that 510 compatible battery. They refer to almost every battery as an Open Vape battery to resell. It' s done incredibly well. I took the projects that we've worked on together are ones having quite a long stretch. One is a new platform for 510 coil technology, and another is a vaporizer device that' s to launch in the next few months that we've been working on for a couple of years.” said Jeremy.


An open talk with Mary Bumatai, CEO of ReVessel Inc.



I've been working with a transferring factory in the US cannabis space for since 2015 for a few years now. So, in that time, I've had an opportunity to work with several factories and over the time consistently Transpring offered for me and my customers at the time the best customer service and understanding of their needs in the marketplace. 

There's so much to like about working with Transpring. I'll go back to the open mindedness an eagerness to understand the customers that they are servicing. 

There's just so much to enjoy that you don't feel that your challenge trying to communicate what you need and if there is a challenging communication, they are first in line to help you understand, help you understand them. And you just are able to move through production, move through issues, move through questions. So much more easily and quickly and no one can beat that in any business. So that is there's more than one reason. 

This technology that we're working with in this particular space changes very quickly and we all know that that, you know as soon as one design is done there's something new that is needed in the marketplace and Transpring knows that. So, whether it's a customer request or they're responding to a need in the marketplace and as well as they are innovating understanding the technology itself, they know the areas that they can expand and grow on that they can refine and again that open minded eagerness where they are so willing to learn more to create better and that is exactly the kind of partnership that we are going to need and why we have come here and chose Transpring above all others.

“Your website is very professional. It’s a pure pleasure to work with Transpring. Keep up the excellent work!

                                                                                                                           —— Blair


Transpring’s latest innovations continue the company’s 13-year tradition as a leader in the design and function of vape cartridges and preheating batteries.

                                                                                                                           —— Joanne Cachapero, editor at MGRetailer


The Transpring refillable cartridge looks and feels as nice or nicer than other brands. Higher quality carts use reliable materials safer for vaping. Transpring produces high quality products and provides friendly customer service. Keep up the great work! 


                                                                                                                           —— Troy Redington, founder at 420VapeZone


Uncompromising taste to the last drop. Transpring vape pen offers both effortless use and ease of fill. The hits are quite good right up to the end and it works equally well with their carts and others. So long as it has a through-hole to flip that draw switch, at least. Transpring’s vape pen design is both stylish looking, while not being overly flashy, and highly functional.

Transpring Refillable Cartridges, Disposable Vape Pens & Vape Pen Batteries(5).png

                                                                                                                           —— Bert, editor at Dabconnection

We appreciate all of the feedback our customers have given us over the years. Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted vape carts manufacturing partner. We will continue to provide quality products and service and will continue to look for new ways to exceed your expectations.


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