Delta8Pro Evo Specially Designed to Atomize Delta-8-THC to Best Effect

SHENZHEN, China, Sep. 3rd, 2021 /Newsletter/ Since Delta-8-THC is one of the latest developments in the constantly changing landscape that is the cannabis industry, experts and advocates remain optimistic that this exciting compound will herald a new paradigm in the market.

Why Delta8Pro™ Evo Is a Must-have?

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The industry experts in Transpring noticed the up-rising star-Δ8-THC very early on and got on to its huge market potential very quickly. To help cannabis connoisseurs along with general consumers achieve the very best bioavailability and delivery efficiency of this amazing botanic concentrates to an unprecedented level, building on our extremely reliable time-tested Hcore Silo™ Ceramic Heating Element Solution, Transpring debuted Hcore Silo™ Plus solution at the end of 2020. And so the first generation Δ8-THC solution came out: Delta8Pro™, which became an instant hit right away. 

Growing from this huge success of Delta8Pro™, Transpring launched Delta8Pro™ Evo at this Aug. Delta8Pro™ boasts many amazing features which the cannabis connoisseurs love. 

Great bioavailability and delivery efficiency (thus highest user satisfaction/approval scores in this category) thanks to its patented sophisticated Advanced Precision Temperature Control (APTC™) mechanism and unique porous structure of Hcore®. 

Delta8Pro™ Evo users not only could preserve the full flavor and the precious bioactive compounds much more effectively and efficiently, but also could enjoy the convenience of auto-draw easier thanks to the integrated patented Hinge-Protection-Switch (HPS) mechanism. 

If you do not want to miss this great opportunity to expand into this promising sector, please contact Transpring immediately.

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