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CannaGrow Expo was held at Palm Springs, CA, on August 17 + 18, 2019. It attracted many cannabis growers, grow managers, processors, dispensary owners and grow enthusiasts to Palm Springs Convention Center last weekend.

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Unlike other cannabis-centered events that target business connection in the industry, CannaGrow Expo mainly focuses on cannabis production. Its unique target makes it so special among all the cannabis-focused expos.


CannaGrow Expo is a cannabis event that focuses on just strictly the production in the industry. Its goal is to make sure that the products that go out to customers are quality and that growers have access to the new technology.

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As a pioneering vape hardware solution provider, Transpring showcased the latest vape tech and new product lineup and attracted a lot of audience on booth #133. It’s a great chance to meet up with industry experts, growers, and grow enthusiasts over there. We've discussed how the latest vape tech helps in growing cannabis vape hardware business together.

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Besides showing what we have to all the attendees, we also learned a lot from this expo. CannaGrow Expo is such an incredible meeting place for cannabis growers and suppliers. We’ve met many passionate and knowledgeable people.

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It's an event for growers and extractors and targets mainly on cannabis growers and extractors and open to the related fields. Current growers, grow managers, dispensary owners, extractors, and those interested in learning about cultivating and extracting cannabis are encouraged to attend.

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As more and more people are willing to sharing what you know with other people on such events and this is going to make the industry better.


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