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Are vape cartridges or handheld vaporizers safe and healthy to use? Some might have such questions. The answer can be leading to how to find a dependable vape cartridge manufacturer or brand. This has something to do with the material utilized in the vape hardware.

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You can drive Ferrari or Honda to the same destination, but the feeling when you're driving and the experience from two different brands is different. The experience and whole performance are totally different if speaking of these two brands. This is also so true if putting it in two different oil vape pen brands.


When you're filling the same essential oil into two different hardware, consumers' experiences and enjoyment levels vary a lot. This is because different materials built into each hardware and will lead to different vaping experience. Let's check it out what the best vape hardware materials are and how material options impact the vaping experience.


Different vape hardware material selection will also have great impact on the user experience and the overall performance of the finished vape hardware. Let's take a look at some of the best material choices on the market.


“There is a lot of cheap hardware on the market, that's a key issue,” says Nate Ferguson, co-founder of Jetty Extracts, an Oakland-based cannabis oil producer. “The best vapes are more expensive, yes, but are made with much safer, higher quality components which function consistently. Parts like quartz atomizers, tempered glass, and stainless-steel components are indicative of better rigs. Design and material are what make a better experience.


Are vape cartridges or handheld vaporizers safe and healthy to use? Some might have such questions. The answer can be leading to how to find a dependable vape cartridge manufacturer or brand. This has something to do with the material utilized in the vape hardware.




Glass is one the most important material utilized in vape cartridges. Transpring is the industry' s first vape carts manufacturer who utilize glass tank and developed A3 vape cartridge and A3-C vape cartridge, which are best-sellers on the market in the past 3 years.

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Borosilicate glass and Pyrex glass are premium quality glass to be utilized in vape hardware.


Borosilicate glass contains the most high-quality labware, including beakers and test tubes. It's widely used in scientific tests and experiments. The glass is resistant to both thermal shock and the expansion that can cause other glasses to break or deteriorate when heated. Meanwhile, borosilicate glass can make the users see your extract clearer. Pyrex glass has several advantageous priorities, such as small heat capacity unit volume, low thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, easy processibility by glass blowing as well as transparency. This kind of glass is environment-friendly, and it has a stable performance. All Transpring cartridges are composed of above glass.


Transpring only works with suppliers who can meet our high requirements. Also, we set a dynamic supplier evaluation system to screen suppliers and only work with qualified and reliable ones, so as to safeguard materials source from the beginning. This can make sure the components are heavy metals free. Our glass is Pyrex glass featuring stable performance, green, and recycle, and no pollution.


Resin glass is the next best option. This material is low-cost and light-weight, but it's prone to scratches and other surface scuffs. Lesser quality glasses, such as soda-lime glass, are a bad option for vape pens.


Core material


Coils have been one of the core heating technology for CBD vape hardware. Wicks are not that effective if compared to coils. Ceramic and quartz are the two main types of the coil on the market.


Ceramics are choosing to be one of the most popular coil materials for some reason. Ceramics provide better heat retention than quartz coils while preserving robust flavor profiles and consistent performance. Ceramic is a hygienic material and has resistance to scratches, easy to clean, environment-friendly, heat-resistant, and it won’t get stained.

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Ceramic coils are better for beginning and intermediate users because of their emphasis on strong flavor. They also provide a smooth vaping experience because their slower heat times means that the temperature ramps up gradually instead of in a big spike. They are also fairly easy to maintain.


Quartz coils are great for vapers of every experience level because they deliver strong flavors without harsh, overly intense vapor. Quartz coils heat up more efficiently than ceramics and deliver pure flavors but they retain heat rather poorly and burn through batteries rapidly. Their temperature controls are also less accurate than ceramics, making them a poor choice for low-viscosity oils and extracts.




The stainless steel has been widely used in Transpring' s product lines. The stainless steel is germ-resistant and heavy metals free.


The stainless steel is the material utilized in vape hardware and it will touch extracts directly. It's vital to choose the best quality stainless steel and food-grade stainless steel is the best option. The material retains its strength and durability at high temperatures and is resistant to scaling, corrosion, and the type of wear-and-tear damage that comes with everyday use.


Food-grade stainless steel is one of the safest and most relied-upon, non-allergenic metals in the world. Transpring uses SUS 304 stainless steel for all of its oil-touching metal components, including its center posts.




For plastic material, Transpring uses food-grade plastics, like PCTG in some products. For those plastics which can withstand high temperatures and are resistant to corrosion, it's able to a substitute for stainless steel at lower temperature ranges.

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