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There was a heatedly discussed topic “EVALI”, an e-cigarette or vaping, product use associated with lung injury, in vaping industry since August of this year. There are some things vapers and the general public should know.


According to recent studies, additives in vaping oils seem to be blamed for vape-related lung disease. It' s the producers' responsibility to make customers rest assured that we take every effort to maintain the highest quality and safety standards. It's the industry' s responsibility to roll out related regulations and do quality testing. Customers should buy from licensed dispensaries, identify authentic packaging and products, research the ingredients in the vape products.


At Transpring, our workshops have been equipped with GMP and ISO management systems. Also, we're implementing heavy metals free production throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our materials and components are manufactured free of heavy metals and other contaminants. Transpring assures you of high-quality products and lets you purchase with confidence.

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By establishing a dynamic supplier evaluation system, identifying relevant selection criteria for choosing suppliers, and selecting healthy and environmentally friendly materials, Transpring ensures safety from the beginning of the whole production process. From the dust-free workshop, manufacturing tools, manufacturing process, package design, staff training, each detail of the production procedure is managed strictly to ensure high-quality finished products.


Potential risks and how to avoid them  


Many black market vape products are coming from unregulated producers and are widespread on the market. Unregulated materials and cheap-made, untested vape products could contain heavy metals and other toxins. This poses a great threat to the public' s health.


To seek high profits, cheap materials, faulty design, vape liquid additives, and fake packaging are used by some manufacturers or dealers and these products are widespread throughout the whole US market.


Faulty design or manufacturing defect

There are many different vape pens on the market, you can not tell which is the right one just from its appearance. What' s inside do matters for vape hardware. The precise voltage, resistance, smooth airflow and the optimal temperature for a unique oil is critical to the vape experience. A well-constructed vape pen will offer the ability to change the airflow and set the temperature or preset the optimal voltage and you then can get your personal enjoyable vaping experience.


Even if it utilizes the best material, it could still fail due to a design or manufacturing defect.


Thus, standardized and manufacturing process and onsite quality control are critical throughout the whole production process.

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Heavy metal problems


California' s cartridge market was shaken by heavy metal problems in the past year.


Heavy metal problems are seemingly to associate with material component and air intake. Many draw-activated, disposable vape pens have the air intake at the bottom of the device, so the air must pass all the electronics and battery components before touching the oil. Heavy metals in the battery or heavy metal caused by the battery soldering process may leach into the air.


At Transpring, we take premium material selection as the original intention of the design, only work with qualified and reliable suppliers and only use high-quality materials. Qualified and stable supply chain to provide good performance battery. All the soldering process are trained and supervised appropriately. All the workers are well-trained and qualified. Repeated tests are done to make sure the solder joint is firm after spot welding. By precisely controlling the close proximity and size of solder points, possible potential issues could be avoided. All the products are batch-tested and retested before mass production.

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Transpring did extensive research on material components and the material itself. For cannabis oil manufacturers or oil brands looking for safer products, Transpring vaporizers are the ones that have been cooperating with top oil brands for years and have a proven record for safety and compliance.


Fake packaging


Counterfeit cartridges have become a big issue in the cannabis vaping industry. Fake Dank Vapes products have been reported to be associated with VAPI illness. STIIIZY and Cookies brands have fallen victim to illegal copycats in counterfeits cases.


To identify its authenticity, the first step is to check its packaging and third-party lab test results labels, a QR code, or a serial number. If you find there is anything wrong, this could be a hint that it’s a fake product.


Purchasing cartridges from a reliable supplier


Avoid buying cartridges from unregulated pop-up markets or off the street. If you buy from licensed channels or trusted suppliers, you can know the ingredients and the materials used in the vaporizing pens easily and you can rest assured that the vape products are tested and made with oversight and regulation.


Why Transpring


Nobody puts more care and thought into their disposable CBD pen design than Transpring. From the temperature it vapes at, to the quality control standards we insist on, to the thoughtful hardware solutions for the best vaping experience.


For wholesale inquiries, please contact our sales team via email sales@transpring.com.

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