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In our PHASE 2 REGULATION ARTICLE, we've discussed how Cannabis legalization Phase 2 opens more opportunities for the Canadian market since October. In this article, we'll show you what are vaporizers pens, how do vaporizers work and which types are the right choice for you. Let's take a deep look into the vape world of cartridges, concentrates and vape hardware solutions.


What are vaporizer pens?


A vape pen, or oil pen, is used to vaporize cannabis concentrates that are loaded into a cartridge. Vape pen battery provides power and it brings power to the heating chamber. A vape pen is generally connected by 510 thread. Other options of threading include 808, 601, and 710.


Most vape pens have the same components, but some will differ slightly.


The key components of a vape pen are as below:


Heating chamber: the heating core comes with ceramic coils and a cotton wick that heat the oil within the atomizer or cartridge, vaporizing it into vapor. A preset level of resistance, measured in ohms, sets the flow of electricity to the coils.


Cartridge: It’s the vital component that holds the oil. The cartridge is equipped with a heating chamber.


Mouthpiece: It's the part in which your mouth touches the cartridge and where you place your month to draw. It comes with a wide range of drip options.


Sensors: Sensors are the component that can turn the vape pen on or off, regulated temperature and the sessions of heating and software, etc.


Battery: As a vape pen’s power source, it provides the power needed to create heat for vaporization. Batteries come in a wide range of designs and sizes, including pen batteries, palm batteries. There are two types of batteries: rechargeable battery and non-rechargeable battery.


USB Charger: The USB chargers allow any vape pen batteries to be charged where there is a USB port. You can easily attach ant 510 threaded oil cartridges to the vape battery.


How do vaporizers work?


Vape pens contain a cartridge, a sensor, a mouthpiece, a battery. When you power on the vape pen, the battery sends the power to the sensor which makes the temperature in the cartridges rise. The cartridges heat up the concentrate or cannabis oil to a specific temperature and vaporize it into vapor. The vapor passes through the hardware and into the mouth of the consumer by inhaling and release it by exhaling.


Which types are the right choice for you?


There are different types of vape pens: vape pens for e-liquids, vape pens for dry herb, vape pens for concentrates. In this article, I' m going to discuss vape pens for concentrates, especially oil pens. So you can make a decision on which vape pens are right for your needs.


Generally, oil pens resemble an actual pen, featuring a coil system that is found in any e-liquid vaporizer. The Transpring cartridges are designed for the pursuit of purity and the heating cores are crafted with unique ceramic formulations for the purest experience.


Simply put, concentrate or oil pens are more popular due to its discreet design, making discreet on-the-go vape on the public much easier.

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Transpring' s vape pens provide portability and convenience while featuring superior power and customization. Innovative vape pen comes with a wide variety of form and functionality available and you’re sure to find a perfect vaporizing pen suit your unique needs and tastes.


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