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As an original supplier of O.penVAPE, Transpring marketing team wanted to make a character interview with our esteemed customer O.penVAPE. For that, on August 23rd, 2019, we met O.penVAPE' s COO Jeremy Heidl and product development engineer Mike and made an interview with O.penVAPE' s executives at Transpring' s meeting room.

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Mike Eckles, Jeremy Heidl, Melody Lee


Open Vape is a SLANG' s flagship brand, started back in 2012, with the goal of bringing vaporizers into the cannabis species.


Openvape (also spelled O.penVAPE) manufactures and distributes personal vaporizer devices for use with herbal extract oil-filled cartridges. Founded in 2012, the company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and sells products at 1,200+ retail locations across 10 states and 11 countries.


Built on a foundation of extraction facility, O.penVAPE is on its way to becoming one of the largest cannabis consumer brands in the world.


When we talked about our past cooperation, Jeremy Heidl, one of the founders of Open Vape, gave reasons why they choose Transpring to be a long term partner. “Transpring team was incredibly responsive. Since 2012, we' ve always had great quality, great consistency, and Transpring as always under-promise, but over-delivered. There' s just a great level of trust we’ve developed over the last seven years. ” Transpring' s vape hardware allows for a more reliable and consistent vaping experience.

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We've discussed a few topics around our cooperation and the prospect of the market.


What is the most successful project we' ve worked together and what' s its contribution to the whole industry?


“I think probably the most successful product we' ve done together is O.penVAPE 2.0. It's our flagship vaporizer for the Open Vape brand. It' s a quite simple vaporizer, but sales were incredibly well. And I would say, just on units alone, It' s probably the best selling vaporizer and just kind of the industry standard. When people refer to that 510 compatible battery. They refer to almost every battery as an Open Vape battery to resell. It' s done incredibly well. I took the projects that we've worked on together are ones having quite a long stretch. One is a new platform for 510 coil technology, and another is a vaporizer device that' s to launch in the next few months that we' ve been working on for a couple of years. ” said Jeremy.

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We've cooperated with each other for years. Which part of Transpring' s customer service impress you most?


“I think it's responsiveness.” Jeremy said. “As far as customer service goes, as far as Transpring goes, It's quality we have never had, I can't even think of a minor issue that we found in Transpring. We've certainly never had a major issue. But when things are moving a million miles and hours, as they are in our industry, you have to have a responsive company. So, almost anytime and I feel bad, sometimes I messaging. So later email, almost any time of day, I get a response. And then I realize what time it is and thinks, oh, goodness, I shouldn't have woken you guys up. But, very responsive. Great customer service.”

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The cannabis industry is full of challenges. And I wonder about the challenges you're facing and how we worked together to fix these problems.


As Jeremy put it, “I think there' s a couple of challenges. I know Mike can speak to, some challenges that we've had with regulations and certain suppliers just couldn' t pass like heavy metals. But we have an issue with counterfeit products. You know the products that we've produced with other suppliers have been found on you know Alibaba and things like this, and they' re certainly not authorized by us. So I think that when you work with a trusted partner, that' s key. So you don' t have your products showing up all over or showing up, your own customers' hands and shipped directly from the factory. So we' ve never had that issue. Heavy metals I think have been an issue from some suppliers. Luckily not for us, but certain suppliers could even pass the heavy metals testing.”


Mike added, “I think the last thing touched on, which is price competition in the market. You know, as we' ve seen most quality suppliers in the industry, with the exception of Transpring, really kind of take advantage of some of us US companies on pricing. Well, I think one of the best parts of working with Transpring is even if the quality is there, Frank (General manager of Transpring) has done a really nice job of making the pricing something that both Transpring and Open Vape can profit off. Well, that hasn' t been the case with many of the other suppliers we' ve worked with.”


Also, let' s go ahead in talking about something about the market trend. Can you please share your idea in the market trend in the cannabis industry?


The cannabis consumer, it' s gone from kind of a nascent industry to obviously one of the most talked-about industries, but the consumers have gone from uninformed to more informed that I think they' re gonna be very informed consumers going forward. They are looking for the highest quality both hardware and the oil that goes inside and complete transparency, and so when you buy something that you' re consuming obviously in the US there' s you know to move towards environmentally friendly things and towards organic vegetables and this and you just haven' t seen that in cannabis yet, but it' s coming, so full transparency in your supply chain and your inputs, your oils.


The vape hardware market in the near future will be toward safety, transparency. Meanwhile, vaping technology development will keep up with the oil extraction industry.


Transpring and Open Vape are working jointly on new projects. In the following months, Open Vape will launch a new product soon. Stay tuned!

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