Hcore, named for “Healthy Core”, is developed independently by Transpring and devoted to bringing a storm of vaping revolution to the industry.

Hcore is a self-developed ceramic heating core from Transpring, designed to deliver superior flavor, better hits and ensure hassle-free performance.
Compared with the flat and uneven surface ceramic with limited capacity to hold enough oil, Hcore adopts the exclusive “Micro-vesicular” technology to offer more heating surface area and higher vaporizing efficiency for a consistent rich taste and an optimum vaping experience.
Transpring's exclusive ceramic core combines advanced cartridge design helps deliver true to the strain flavors, bringing a premium vape experience. Hore ceramic heating core has been widely utilized in a full range of vaping devices through OEM and ODM strategic partnerships.


Choose Hcore and you will get a healthy and safe heating core solution and a production process with strict quality control.

Diatomite Ingredient Selection <br> Separate Degreasing Process

Diatomite Ingredient Selection
Separate Degreasing Process

Transpring selected first-class diatomaceous and mixed up with the perfect formula, plus the unique separate-degreasing process to remove unhealthy microelements completely.

High Temperature Sintering

Transpring chose 1000℃ high vacuum sintering furnace to ensure our ceramic core reach the top-compact combination to keep the powder from rubbing off even long-span usage.

Obtained FDA Certification

Obtained FDA Certification

The existence of each Hcore is strictly implemented accordance with Medical Device Quality Management System such as GMP820 and ISO13485. Transpring sticks to the high standard of product environment and the high responsibility for our product quality and customer health.

Outstanding Performance

With unique diatomaceous formula inside, the density and the oil absorption of ceramic Hcore have reached the most excellent balance on the basis of uniform and millions of micro-pores. 

Faster Oil-delivering Efficiency
More Uniform Heating Areas for vaporizing completely
Better Sense of Intense Flavor Taste
Faster Heating up
Lager Vapor Production

Smaller Diameter but Larger Vapor

Ø3mm Hcore is smaller than leading heating cores in the cannabis industry in the case of pursuing same vapor amount. That is the reason why Hcore perfectly fits small cartridges that requires larger cloud.

Highly Renowned

Hcore® has more than 10 million of shipment verification with quality guaranteed till the present moment, which indirectly indicates its the more excellent performace than others.

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