With the popularity of oils and oil cartridges comes the demand for products to use these products with. A lot of people are now looking for the best vape pen for oil or best 510 threaded cartridge batteries. This article compiled a list of the top oil pens to give you a better idea of what is already available in the market and how they stack up against each other.

Universal 510 thread vapes offer more advantages and features that cater to oil vapers, and generally feature a larger battery capacity than the typical weed pen. Read on to learn more about what 510 thread batteries are, and how to use them with all of your oil cartridges. Here are the best 510 thread batteries that you can get right now.

Palm Batteries

Tronian Tautron

The Tronian Tautron is sleek and simple 510 thread battery. It features draw activation for easy use, a 380mAh battery, and its sunken cartridge slot ensures your 510 threaded cartridges are protected. The Tronian logo slots allow you to monitor oil levels and provide optimal airflow for a smooth draw every time.

PCKT One Plus

The PCKT One Plus is compatible with 510 threaded oil cartridges and features a magnetic connector, 660mAh battery and 3 different voltage levels. The PCKT One plus can either be used in draw-activation mode or direct input mode, requiring the press of a button to vape.


The CCELL Palm is a bite sized oil pen battery that is compatible with 510 threaded oil cartridges and features draw activated operation for ease of use. Inside the Palm is a 550mAh battery and located at the bottom of the device is a USB charging port.

SMOK Micare

The SMOK Micare is vape giant SMOK’s first foray into the world of oil pen batteries. It features draw activated operation, but also includes a button to manage the 4 available voltage settings. Inside the SMOK Micare is a 700mAh battery and a magnetic connector.

Pen-Shaped Batteries


The Vessel is a lightweight, pen-shaped oil pen that is compatible with 510 threaded cartridges and features 3 voltage settings, 280mAh of battery and a magnetic USB charger. The Vessel is a premium oil pen that is both stylish and functional and will keep you vaping all day.

Tronian Nutron

The Tronian Nutron battery features universal compatibility, along with 3 voltage settings and 230mAh of power. For those who use carts that aren't compatible with direct draw devices, the Tronian Nutron offers an excellent solution, able to fit all diameters of cartridges. The Nutron also features a preheat mode which warms viscous oils prior to vaporization.

Yocan Stix

The Yocan Stix is an ultra slim oil pen that sports a leak-proof design, 3 voltage settings and a 320mAh battery. There is a USB port located on the bottom of the Yocan Stix for simple and convenient charging while on the go. However, a USB cable is not included.

Kandypens Slim

The Kandypens Slim is a simple 510 threaded vape pen that comes with a .5ml tank and 280mAh draw-activated battery. The Kandypens Slim also includes a bottle applicator to help with filling your liquids. The slim is a very simple solution for someone looking to enjoy oil.

Transpring L0 battery

The story behind

L0 vape battery, as the world’s first CBD vaping battery with preheating function, which pioneered the industry in the design and function of vape cartridges and preheating batteries.

The idea of developing a vape battery with a preheating function was created by Transpring’s R&D team by collecting our clients’ feedback on the warming-up issue of oil cartridges in extremely cold weather.

For instance, there was no vapor at the beginning, due to extreme weather. The extracted oil is much thicker than normal e-liquid, especially in cold weather. Warming the oil ahead of use provides a better and purer vaping experience.

Our technology, through creating new technology, resolved this issue. Transpring perfected the preheating technology that heats up the extracted oil as well as the cartridge. By preheating Battery L0, oil can be converted to vapor more easily and smoothly and then fully absorbed into the heating core.

Thus, we developed the L0 battery to preheat the extracted oil and solved the problem to vaporize extracted oil in cold weather. Transpring makes the best cannabis vape pen battery on the market. Transpring is purpose made specifically for powering cannabis vape pen cartridges. 

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Happy vaping!

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