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A10 Cartridge

A10 cartridge provides a brand-new heating core solution.
A10 utilizes Transpring’s newest ceramic core technology, delivering the best performance and consistency.

A10, powered by Transpring’s exclusive ceramic core technology, is the most economical and high-performance ceramic core technology currently.

A10 is specially designed for high viscosity oil extracts, maintaining existing terpene profile to ensure true extract taste, allowing fast activated heating, unified distribution of heat and consistent performance.

Transpring also perfected its cartridge designs to ensure a better consumer experience. The natural state of cannabis oil can differ from one batch to the next. Thus, Transpring adjusted the structure inside the cartridge to accommodate various oil consistencies in order to prevent leakage.


Transpring’s exclusive ceramic heating core inside
Fast activated heating, big vapor
Smooth airflow for automatic vape
Great performance with different oil
Compliance for health and material standards
Unified distribution and consistent performance
Maintaining existing terpene profile to ensure true extract taste